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  • 5″ bore, 8″ stroke piston pump with one chrome lined cylinder featuring hammer union construction
  • 5″ standard A-style piston rubbers
  • Stainless steel paddle mixer with hinged lid cover(s)
  • Stainless steel replaceable valve seats
  • Fork lift pockets on both ends of the framework
  • Durable powder coat paint finish, custom colors available upon request at additional charge
GPM / Pressure
Pumps 0-20 gallon per minute at pressures up to 400 PSI with 10 gallon per minute at 2,000 PSI hydraulic input
Mixing Tank
60 gallon stainless steel mixing tank with smooth taper cone bottom
Lifting Ring
Available with lifting ring
Bag Platform
Stainless steel bag platform
Piston Pump
Piston pump covered by United States patent D526-664 S
36” across 27” deep and 45” tall
Approximate weight of 535 pounds
  • Water fill pump and rinse line
  • Grout hose reels
  • Many other Geo-Loop grouting accessories available